Call out for Volunteers to join new Stockport Scything Group

Scything is a really good way to mow species rich grassland, a key job at this time of year for volunteers at countryside sites across the borough.

Without this, the grass turns to scrub leading to loss of plant species, butterfly and other wildlife habitats.

Adam Machin, the Volunteer Co-ordinator from Cheshire Wildlife Trust who is behind the establishment of the new Stockport Scything Group says “believe me when I say it isn’t hard work, it’s actually quite easy and you can work at your own pace, taking breaks when you need them”.

Adam has arranged with SMBC to run some one day scything training sessions for volunteers with friends and community groups this Summer. If you are interested in joining the scything group please email him at  to let him know and go on his mailing list.

We will post details on our website of events taking place at sites that we support.

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