Get Mulching Day

Tuesday 23rd August

The Sidings Community Orchard

10.30am -12noon and 1.00pm-2.30pm

We are preparing the orchard for winter. Join us.

The Sidings Orchard is the largest community orchard in Greater Manchester. It provides free fruit for the local community. Its stocked with multiple varieties of apples pears and plums. It was rescued from neglect back in 2016 by HMVCG and has been flourishing ever since. This is due to a regular maintenance plan which support the  harvest and continued future growth. All the orchard care is provided by HMVCG volunteers in collaboration with the council’s public realm team, the Orchard project and Cheshire Wildlife Trust.

It’s nearly autumn and the orchard floor has now been cut back in preparation for our annual mulching activity. It’s now time to ensure the trees have a safe and productive winter.Simply defined, mulch is a layer of bulky organic (once living) material placed around the base of a plant. Its primary role is to conserve soil moisture and prevent competition from unwanted plants. It acts like a ‘lid’ that allows water into the soil but helps to minimise evaporation. Mulch also helps to stabilise soil temperature, keeping it cool enough for vital soil organisms to do their work in the summer heat. It helps to prevent the loss of top soil during heavy showers. And it will provide habitat to a range of invertebrates.

It’s a very aerobic task and a rewarding activity. All tools are provided along with lashings of hot drinks. Just dress appropriately with weatherproof clothing and sturdy shoes and or hopefully a sun hat. Come for the morning or afternoon, or all day. Toilet facilities are kindly provided by Power League.

Join us

Access from the woodland walk (15 min stroll) or Craig Road entrance opposite Ravensbrook Avenue SK4 2BR)

10.15am meet up at the HMVCG noticeboard corner Craig Rd and Station Road for a 10.30am start in the orchard. Enjoy a 15 stroll along the woodland walk to the orchard whilst meeting new people. Or join us directly in the orchard for a 10.30am start.

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