Please help Stop Heaton Mersey’s Iconic Poplar Trees from being Felled!

St John’s Primary school wants to chop down the 34 iconic Poplar Trees
growing behind their school because the leaves are blocking the drains on
the roof of the new school building.

A group of concerned local residents recently part funded a tree survey along
with the school which showed the trees are healthy and should have decades
of life left. The trees have never been maintained or managed and the tree
survey said they need some dead wood pruned, but otherwise they are in
good condition.

As a community and as a society facing environmental collapse healthy trees
should not be cut down unless a threat to life or property. There is no
justification at this stage and numerous environmental and sustainability
reasons why these beautiful trees should remain.

Please join local residents in opposing the removal of the trees by emailing
(before Thursday 17th March) the headmaster Patrick Rayner (and copying in
Andy Moore, Chair of Governors and local councillors Colin Foster and Dean
Fitzpatrick) and saying the trees need to stay and be looked after for the
benefit of the local community and the environment.

For more information please contact:
Kenny 07877309684
Jo 07855790995
Jim 07718523122

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