12 October 2021
(No expertise required)
Meeting Place – By the HMVCG oak notice board and bench in the Sidings orchard from the entrance on Craig Road opposite Ravensworth Avenue SK42BR
10am-3pm – Come for any time you can spare during the day of activity
All tools are provided but please bring your own garden gloves as covid rules do not allow us to lend any out.

Help us prepare the community Orchard for winter and learn how to maximise regrowth for fruit trees and gain some top tips too. While ordinary gardeners may be spending more time looking at seed catalogues than being out in the fresh air, this is one of the busiest times of the year for us orchardists. The dormant period in trees, especially for apples and pears, gives us an opportunity to do some major jobs that at other times of the year might be too stressful for the trees. Formative pruning is required to encourage a well-shaped framework of branches to allow sun and fresh air to reach the fruit. We also prune to ensure easy harvesting and to control vigour.

Restorative pruning of older trees helps to prevent disease, branches breaking off and maintains productivity. Pruning encourages the growth of young, fruiting wood, and allows diseased material to be removed. If the wood you’re removing is healthy, cut it up and add it to the mulch to imitate the tree’s natural feeding regime.

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