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Saturday 31st July & Sunday 1st August
Help us Raise Money for the Local Food Bank & Support Kids to Get Involved in the Environment.

HMVCG Volunteers & Craig Road Estate Residents are joining the Manchester Litter Picking Weekend organised by The Modern Milkman. We are hoping all our HMVCG members & all our local neighbours will come out to support the initiative, any amount of time you can spare will help. The more the merrier!

There is a prize of £500 for the group who collects the most rubbish and it has been decided that should/ when we win (with your help!) we will donate 50% of the prize to Stockport Food Bank, a charity previously supported by the estate, and we will use the remaining money to purchase children’s gloves & litter pickers, as we have always relied on the children managing with adult ones or bringing their own along.

We have registered our participation in the event. Want to join us?

If you can join us on either Saturday or Sunday or both this is what you need to do so your contribution is recognised.
Download the Litterati App -what’s that?
Litterati is an app that allows litter pickers worldwide to photograph and tag the litter they collect to trace the source of the problem. This tracking creates accountability for litter and could help prevent the problem in the first place, instead of picking it up afterwards. It also allows people to see what community litter picking groups (including yourselves) have picked the most litter so crown a winner. On the weekend of the litter picking competition, we recommend you work in pairs, with one person picking litter whilst the other person snaps it on their phone through the app. Remember to tag the litter as you go or at the end.

To sign up:
– Download the app with the QR code and sign up
– Go to challenges > Join > Join a challenge with a code
– Enter the unique code provided for your litter picking team
Our unique code is MM014.

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