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  • Upcoming Task Days and Events

    Task days: We run task days each month at Heaton Mersey Park and Mersey Vale Nature Park. You can just turn up at any time and stay as long as you want. We’d love to see you. Heaton Mersey Park & Bowl Saturday, 1st February 10am-1pm.  Park Run Take Over.  Activities

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  • Nature Notes – October 2019

    Along the River Mersey on the 2nd I noted several troops of the Yellowing Knight Fungus (Tricholoma scalpturatum) growing with a variety of deciduous trees – they seem to be having a good year. The first frost of any potency was had on the 5th but this was fleeting and many flowers still held

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  • Nature Notes – September 2019

    The ambiguous weather conditions continued, a test of the human patience and the lives of the bugs, birds and blooms. On the 2nd Travellers Joy (Clematis vitalba) and Russian Vine (Fallopia baldschuanica) were both clambering over vegetation growing alongside the river whilst a few Brown Roll Rims (Paxillus involutus) were growing in the low cut

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