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  • Event – Orchard care and wildlife habitat building with Cheshire Wildlife Trust

    HMVCG task days are back! The first is with Cheshire Wildlife Trust at the Sidings Orchard when volunteers will be helping CWT clear the orchard floor and build habitats for insects and small mammals. The day is Monday 24 August. We will be there from 10am. Join us when you

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  • Nature Notes – April 2020

    Time outdoors is minimal at the moment but rides to and from work resulted in a few sightings and the birds being fed. Isn't this a good time though to appreciate green areas and realise what therapeutic and necessary places they are.

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  • Nature Notes – March 2020

    The third month of the year, time is galloping and new life is arising. On the 2nd I noted that along the River Mersey the subtle tiny flower known has Ivy Leaved Speedwell (Veronica hederifolia) is now in great profusion and is a real blessing to those with roving eyes.

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