Event – Orchard care and wildlife habitat building with Cheshire Wildlife Trust

HMVCG task days are back!

The first is with Cheshire Wildlife Trust at the Sidings Orchard when volunteers will be helping CWT clear the orchard floor and build habitats for insects and small mammals.

The day is Monday 24 August. We will be there from 10am. Join us when you can and stay as long as you want. It’s fun, important work and every pair of hands helps. We will be there until 3pm.

Finding Us: The nearest road entrance to the Sidings Orchard is on Craig Road. Take the path between the houses opposite Ravenswood Avenue, SK4 2BR.


Use the steps at the junction between Craig Road and Station Road by the HMVCG noticeboard into Mersey Vale Nature Park. When you are at the top of the steps, turn left and just keep following the woodland walk till you enter the orchard. Keep the disused railway bridge on your right and drop down the embankment bearing left and you are there. It takes ten minutes to walk this route at a gentle pace.

Further Information:

HMVCG volunteers will be working with Adam from Cheshire Wildlife Trust and Wayne from the Stockport parks team who will be clearing the Orchard floor. Volunteers will then collect the ground of cuttings and create habitats for insects and small mammals. This will ensure the health of the fruit trees for the next year

What you need to do:

  1. Please wear weather appropriate clothes and footwear.
  2. Bring your own gloves during Covid 19.
  3. Bring some drinks and snacks as we aren’t able to provide these during Covid 19
  4. We will be social distancing so you don’t need to wear a face mask unless you want to. So do bring your mask if this is the case.

We will:                           

Provide hand tools and hand sanitiser.

Tools will be cleaned before use and quarantined at the end of the day prior to cleaning for their next outing.

Take a register on the day and do a full risk assessment to keep you safe.

All set.

Come along at any time from 10am, for as long a time as you can spare.

Will be there until at least 3pm.

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